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Answers to Questions About Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If this is your first baby, we understand that there are many questions you many have and Bernard T. Despres, D.O., has answers. We’ve been delivering babies since 1987 in Winter Park, so know a thing or two. Here are answers to the common pregnancy questions we are asked.

Pregnancy FAQ

How much weight should I gain?

Unless you’re having twins (or more!), 26 to 28 pounds is optimal.

Can I exercise?

Absolutely. Just keep the pace comfortable. If you have any question talk to your doctor during your prenatal exams.

Are there exercise rules I should follow?

Yes. Keep your pulse under 140 beats per minute. Do not strain your abdomen. If something hurts or feels uncomfortable, stop. Walking, swimming and yoga work best. Keep hydrated.

I’m bleeding. What should I do?

Spotting or light bleeding is normal during the early stages, so don’t panic. If you experience a heavier flow and back pain and cramps, contact us immediately.

My baby is doing a gymnastics floor exercise in there! Is this normal?

Flutters are most common. Farther along, you’ll feel things like kicking. If the movement is excessive, let us know.

How can I get relief from morning sickness?

This is the most common pregnancy FAQ. Keep your tummy full. Eat small meals all day. Eat crackers before you get out of bed and avoid irritating foods.

Can I go on a trip?

Yes, up to 36 weeks (35 weeks if you’re headed overseas). Walk around every two to three hours to prevent blot clots. Don’t travel if your pregnancy is difficult.

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