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Delivering Babies Since 1987

Over 10,000 babies delivered!

Experienced Obstetrician in Winter Park

A doctor of obstetrics is there for you and your baby from prenatal care to postnatal care. Bernard T. Despres, D.O., has been delivering babies in Winter Park since 1987, and we are ready to bring your bundle of joy into the world. We’ll schedule regular visits to ensure everyone is doing fine, and you’ll get to watch in wonder as your child grows inside your womb.

Prenatal care entails the routine visits and medical care you receive during your pregnancy. During these checkups your obstetrician will perform a number of tests to make sure you are healthy and your baby is growing properly. It’s also the perfect time to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Pregnancy exams include blood tests, gynecological exams and sometimes urine tests to check for things like gestational diabetes and other infections. Preventive care is the first step in caring for your unborn baby and yourself. You can also discuss nutrition and prenatal vitamins and supplements with your doctor to ensure proper nutrition for your growing child.

Trimester Checkups

Your first trimester lasts from conception to 13 weeks, and this is when the fetus’ organ systems develop. Your baby is growing already! Toward the end of the first trimester you may be able to hear your baby’s heart beat!

Your second trimester runs from 14 to 26 weeks, and by now, your baby is beginning to show. That baby bump alone will increase the excitement that is setting in. Guess what else happens during this trimester? That’s right! The fluttering sensation in your belly is your baby!

Your third trimester runs from 27 to 40 weeks, and your baby is really growing and developing now. You’ll be able to see features better in the ultrasound pictures, and if you want, Dr. Despres can tell you whether you’re having a boy or a girl. You’re almost there!

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For the obstetrician, the most rewarding part of obstetrics is childbirth. When you see your tiny miracle for the first time, you will be overwhelmed with emotion and love. Plus, Dr. Despres and your partner will be there helping you bring this amazing, beautiful child into the world.

Postpartum Period

You made it! You finally get to hold your newborn in your arms. Your care won’t end here. Right after birth, postnatal treatment begins. You and baby will be given an exam to ensure all is well, and visits with Dr. Despres will be scheduled after your release to make sure you and your beautiful new bundle of joy are doing just fine.

Serving the Winter Park Area

Bernard T. Despres, D.O., is a gynecologist who helps families plan, provides in-office ultrasounds and delivers beautiful babies. He can also prevent pregnancy with tubal ligations when your family is complete. Call 407-657-4407 to schedule your appointment.