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How to Prepare for Labor as a First-Time Mother

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If you’re a first-time mother and you are almost to term, chances are you are experiencing the full spectrum of emotions. Happiness, excitement, nervousness and fear are all natural and probably unavoidable. However, there are tips to handle your labor that can help you and your partner through the process like a delivery-room veteran.

Plan Creatively and Expect the Unexpected

Unless you have a scheduled delivery date set up, you cannot know when, where or how your first foray into labor will happen. Fight the urge to create a rigid itinerary for giving birth, and instead, build a flexible plan that accounts for as many potential scenarios (within reason) as you can.
Try not to overload yourself by running through disaster scenarios… Instead, try embracing the idea that your baby is coming on his or her own schedule, not yours. The best way to start planning for the unexpected is to find the right doctor.

Not All OBGYNs are Created Equal

With the numerous ways women are choosing to give birth these days, it is important to find an experienced, friendly and reputable obstetrician to help you start putting your birthing plan together. Every expecting mother is going to experience the later stages of pregnancy in her own unique way. This means that the OBGYN who was perfect for Sally Sanders from around the way might not be perfect for you.
It’s your choice. Be comfortable with the doctor you’ve chosen. Doctors are highly trained professionals so don’t be nervous about hurting anyone’s feelings. If you decide you need something more from the relationship, express it. Being assertive and upfront about your expectations will not only help you get the information and support you need, but can also boost your own self confidence as you enter an exciting but potentially scary time of your life.
For more information or help creating a plan that is right for you and your growing family, contact Aloma Park OBGYN in Winter Park, Florida. Dr. Despres offers compassionate care and years of experience helping soon-to-be mothers prepare for the amazing journey of having children.