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Delivering Babies Since 1987

Over 10,000 babies delivered!

  • We Provide State-Of-The-Art, Comprehensive OB/GYN Care for Women in Every Stage of Life
  • Aloma Park OBGYN, PA Offers Patients an Inspired New Approach to Health Care
  • Complete Women’s Health Care

Bernard T. Despres, D.O. is devoted to providing complete, expert obstetric care in a warm and personalized setting.

Our gynecologists provide a wide range of services necessary to meet the unique medical needs in a women’s lifetime.

Are you pregnant and need help? We give you the answers to questions about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Please take the time to fill out our patient forms before your first appointment to ensure a speedy visit.

Compassionate Women’s Health Care in Winter Park

Pregnancy is a beautiful time filled with many changes and exciting moments. Finding a good obstetrician and gynecologist is important. Finding an OBGYN who is experienced, caring and dedicated to providing patients with exceptional service is crucial. Bernard T. Despres, D.O. in Winter Park is an obstetrician and gynecologist that you can trust completely. 

Dr. Despres is a skilled doctor who has years of experience practicing obstetrics and gynecology. In fact, he’s been delivering healthy babies to excited parents since 1987. For over 29 years, Dr. Despres has used his passion in this field to help women with family planning, including prenatal and postnatal care.

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Happy Women, Babies and Families in Winter Park

The first step toward ensuring happy and healthy babies and parents is visiting the OB-GYN. We make it our duty to help our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our compassionate staff can help you be confident in your pregnancy every step of the way, including the most magical part, the miracle of childbirth.

We understand that there are many changes that happen during pregnancy. Every baby’s journey into the loving arms of parents can be very different from his or her siblings. Dr. Despres’ understanding and extensive knowledge allows us to answer all of our patients’ questions. With our assistance, visiting the OB-GYN can be a pleasant experience.

Visits to the OB-GYN can be a positive and nurturing experience. Dr. Despres is an expert in his field and has a supportive staff at his office. We offer a wide range of services, from regular checkups to the delivery of your newborn. We are an all-inclusive obstetrics center for women’s health care.

Bernard T. Despres, D.O., is a gynecologist who helps families plan, provides complete pre-natal care, in-office ultrasounds and delivers beautiful babies. He can also prevent pregnancy with tubal ligations when your family is complete. Call 407-657-4407 to schedule your appointment.

Serving the Winter Park Area

Bernard T. Despres, D.O., is conveniently located next door to the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. We help women with everything from OB, labor & delivery, to well-being gynecology needs. Please contact our office at 407-657-4407 to schedule an appointment and see the best doctor in town.”

Over 10,000 babies delivered!